Institut für Mikro- und Nanoelektronische Systeme

About the IMS


The institute's profile contains an holistic approach of teaching and research.

Fields of Study


In teachings we focus on application-oriented kowledge. On the basis of case studies, our students learn the implementation of the acquired knowledge. At an early stage of the curriculum, our students participate in praxis-oriented projects with partners in industry and research.

Our main teaching fields are:

  • Basics of analog and digital circuits and devices and the technological implementation in VLSI
  • Bottom up design of analog and digital circuits using standardized software tools 
  • Design of integrated mixed signal devices
  • Nanoelectronics – the future of Super Large Scale Integration (SLSI) and new quantum electronic solutions




Fields of Research

The research activities of the institute focus on the developement of new nanoelectronic solutions to solve challenges of the semiconductor industry and develop future test equipment. In particular we work on quantum electronics for the developement of devices, sensors and circuits.

Our fields of research are:

  • Design and implementaton of integrated circuits at extremly high clock rates in semi- and superconducting technologies
  • Development of quantum detectors for a resolution near the quantum limit for various applications in astronomy, security or quantum measurement
  • Optimisation of transistors and embedded structures for applications at gigahertz frequencies
  • Development of nanoelectronic devices and nanostructures
  • Development of circuits needed for quantum computers in the future
  • Development of new nanotechnological methods, in particular related to e-beam technology