Research Internship (ETIT-Project)

As an alternative to industrial internships, the Institute for Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems (IMS) offers a variety of interesting and diverse research internships in the field of development, fabrication, characterization and application of innovative sensors based on quantum technology. The internschip can be carried out either by individual students or in small groups. According to the module handbook "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Bachelor 2018", the duration is at least 12 weeks with a workload of at least 300 hours. This includes a phase in which the written final report of approx. 15 pages is prepared.

The contents or topics of the research internships are discussed and coordinated with the students individually. In particular, we try to take into account the individual interests and strengths of the students in the internships.

  • Possible topics of the internships are in the areas of
  • Simulation of (superconducting) high-frequency circuits
  • Fabrication and characterization of superconducting electronics, e.g. SQUIDs
  • Design of "cold" active and passive high-frequency circuits
  • Design and fabrication of microcalorimeters
  • Signal acquisition and processing
  • and many more…

The topics offered by the IMS can be expanded to almost any depth and complexity, so that the research internship is also suitable as a starting point for a bachelor thesis following the research internship.

For further details, general questions about the research internship or a discussion or agreement of possible topics, please contact: