In teaching, the IMS participates actively and with dedication in the basic education of the faculty's students. For example, the IMS is responsible for the lecture "Components of Electrical Engineering" and offers it regularly in the winter semester. In addition, the relevant fundamentals for the development of quantum-technological detector and sensor systems are taught in the master's program. Furthermore, case studies, internships, seminars and academic theses give students the opportunity to participate in the development of an extremely exciting and rapidly evolving field of research and to contribute their own ideas for the technology of the future.

The declared goal of our teaching concept is, on the one hand, to provide students in the bachelor's program with the necessary fundamentals for a successful and profitable engineering-scientific study of electrical engineering and information technology. On the other hand, we would like to train the students in the Master's program to become experts in the field of the application of superconductor-based quantum technology in electrical engineering and information technology, who are in demand worldwide, and thus enable them to take on leading roles in this rapidly developing field of application in the future.

Fields of specialization
Research internship / ETIT project